Craps Odds

Betting Odds

If you are going to make some informed decisions about the bets that you are going to make, then knowing some craps strategy could really come in handy and help you to weigh up the costs and benefits of any of the bets that you could take. It is interesting to note that the actual odds of the bets coming in and the odds that dictate your payout each time are often not the same, which could make some bets of the same probability more worthwhile than others when you are looking at how much you could win from them if they come in.

The first few craps odds that you will see in any table look a bit odd, as they are very complicated to work out and this leaves you with some strange figures at the end of it. The pass line, also known as a come bet, has actual odds of 251 to 244, whereas it is paid at a much more simple 1:1. The don’t pass or don’t come bet has a rather different set of odds at 976:949, although it is actually paid at the same odds as the previous bet! This is an interesting factor that you will certainly want to take into account. The pass odds and don’t pass odds have the same probability of coming up as they are paid, respectively 2:1 on or 1:2 against four or ten; 3:2 on or 2:3 against five or nine; and 6:5 on or 5:6 against six or eight. A bet on yo, or eleven, will give you odds of 17:1 but a payout of 15:1, as will a three or a hi-lo (two or twelve), and of course each of the other numbers has its own odds as well: a two on its own or a twelve on its own gives 30:1; craps (two, three or twelve) has 8:1; any seven has 5:1 odds; field bets have 5:4 odds; whirl, also known as world in some places, is a 2:1; hard four or hard ten gives you 8:1; hard six or hard eight gives you 10:1; big six or big eight gives you 6:5; place four or place ten gives you 2:1; place five or place nine gives you 3:2; place six or place eight gives you 6:5; and buy four or buy ten gives you 2:1.

Once you have wrapped your heard around all of these craps odds and have them clearly enough in your mind, you can start to think about what they really mean in terms of the bets that you should make. Should you go for the lower probability but the higher payout? Or the higher probability with the lower payout? It is all about finding something that suits your strategy better, as well as making sure that you are able to enjoy yourself instead of spending the whole game totally caught up in figures – try to do all of the working out before you start!